Department of

Ms. Iresha Ariyasingha

BSc (Special) in Computer Science (University of Sri Jayewardenepura), MPhil (University of Sri Jayewardenepura)

Senior Lecturer (Gr. I)

Dept. of Computer Science

Multi Objective Optimization Problems, Swarm Intelligence

B.Sc. Degree Programme

Course Coordination:
CSU4301 – Object Oriented Programming
CSU5308 – Artificial Intelligence
CSU5311 – Computer Graphics

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ant colony optimization algorithms for the traveling salesman problem. Swarm and Evolutionary
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2. Ariyasingha IDID, Fernando TGI (2015). A Performance Study for the Multi-objective
Ant Colony Optimization Algorithms on the Job Shop Scheduling Problem. International
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1. AriyasinghaIDID and Fernando TGI (2017). Random Weight-based Ant Colony OptimisationAlgorithm
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2. Ariyasingha IDID, Fernando TGI (2014). Analysis the Performances of the Multiobjective
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President’s Award for Scientific Publication 2015