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Database Design & Implementation/Database Management Systems


With this course students can cover the following areas:
Introduction to Databases, History of Databases, Introduction to Database Management Systems, Types of Databases, Hierarchical and Network, Data Models, Relational, Entity Relationship and Object Oriented Data Models, Evolution of Data Models, Entity Relationship (E-R) Model, Logical Structure and Keys in Relational Models, Relational Algebra, Relational Database Model, Developing E-R Diagrams, Database Tables and Normalization, Introduction to SQL, Introduction to the Database Query, Categorize Data Using Operators, Summarizing Data Results From a Query, Sorting, and Grouping Data, Restructuring Appearance of Data, Understanding of Dates and Times, Joining Tables in Queries, Using Sub-Queries to Define Unknown Data, Combining Multiple Queries into One, and Stored Procedures and Functions.

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Mr. W.P.C.D. de Silva

Senior Lecturer in Computer Science

Main Campus, Computer Science Laboratory (Downstairs) of the Department of Computer Science, Adjoining Block 07

  • Tel: +94 11 2881097, Ext: 3301/3304