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Updated 27.01.2023


Dear Student

As you are aware, the Timetable of the Final Examinations has been revised to avoid clashing of some of the examination dates.

Please note that you have been issued the Admission Card according to the previous timetable. However, the same Admission Card can be used to sit the examinations according to the revised examination time table.

Thank you.

Assistant Registrar

Updated 25.01.2023


As you have already been informed by the letter No.VV/4/8 dated 12.01.2023, the students of BASS/BYCD/HDYD/ACSS Programmes who are registered at the Colombo Regional Centre are expected to attempt their Final Examinations (Academic Year 2020/21 – Semester II ) at the Hewavitharana Maha Vidyalay, Rajagiriya.

Please find the location through the link given below.

Kindly note that none of the final examinations of the BASS /BYCD /HDYD /ACSS programmes (Academic Year 2020/21- Semester II) will be held at the Colombo Regional Centre, Nawala.

Assistant Registrar/ Examinations 

Updated 24.01.2023


If you have  applied for the overseas examinations, you can check the application status through the link given below.
Assistant Registrar

Updated 18.01.2023

Updated 24.08.2022

ACSS Zoom Recurring links

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Updated 24.07.2022

Updated 20.07.2022

Updated 14.07.2022



Kindly note that the university has postponed all examination until 22nd of July 2022 due to the prevailing situation in the country.

Examination scheduled from 23rd of July 2022 onwards will be conducted. And if there is any change to this decision considering the situation that prevails at that juncture will be notified by the administration of the Open University of Sri Lanka.

Department of Social Studies
12th July 2022

Updated 28.06.2022

Updated 09.05.2022



The final examinations for the following programmes offered by the Department of Social Studies will commence on the 28th of May 2022.

  1. Advanced Certificate in Social Sciences
  2. Higher Diploma in Youth Development
  3. BA Degree in Social Sciences
  4. BA Degree in Youth & Community Development

The examinations will be conducted as onsite examinations at the respective study/regional centre.

Click on the following link, and select the preferred examination centre to minimize the challenges connected with traveling.

The Web Link:

The examination timetable will be posted on the department web page – notice board in due course and the same will be posted. In case, had obtained eligibility and had not received the examination admission visit the examination center as stated by the candidate in the google document for the preferred examination centre.

Kindly have your Student Record Book issued by the Open University of Sri Lanka during the examination as proof of identification and for the validity of registration.


Department of Social Studies,
04th May 2022

Updated 22.04.2022

Student Notice – Final Examination

Click here

Updated 11.04.2022



Having carefully considered the challenges faced by the Staff and the students, the SSD decided to conduct onsite examinations for the 1st semester. This is applicable for the following programmes.

  1. Advance Certificate in Social Sciences – Level 1 & 2
  2. BA Degree in Social Sciences – Level 3, 4 &5
  3. BA Degree in Youth & Community Development
  4. MA in Development Studies & Public Policy – Level IX

The Examination Division of the OUSL will call for application for the final examination from the registered students after 17th April 2022. In that application, you will be requested to indicate the preferred centre to sit for the final examination. Please note if you are a student registered in Colombo (CRC) and you are resident of Kaluthara you are advised to consider your examination centre as Kaluthara not Colombo. Student will be strictly allowed to sit for the examination only this centre, indicated in the application.

The final examination will be held between 21st May 2022 and 10th July 2022.

Department of Social Studies
3rd April 2022

Updated 08.04.2022

Notice  EGAP CAT & EGAP(Cycle 2) final examination

EGAP Cycle 2 Final Exams are scheduled to be held at all Regional and Study Centers on 23rd and 24th April from 9.30am to 12.30pm on both days.

A  CA test will be held for those students who missed the CA test due various

reasons on 20th April  on LMS. The LMS platform will be opened from 05am to 12 midnight. Duration of the test is 1.30 hours. Those students who login to the LMS should complete the test within 1.30 hours. If any student encounters difficulties in login we have given clear instructions to contact Ms. Sachini ( as this is the final opportunity that we have given to those students who missed the CA test.

Updated 08.04.2022

Level III-BA in Social Sciences-Day School Announcement

Updated 17.02.2022

StART@OUSL Final Examination online Application

Please be informed that the online application period for the Final Examination 2020/21 for CSE3213 & LEE3410, is now open. The deadline is 28th February 2022. Please inform your faculty students  register during this period we will not extend this period More details: ( Faculty of Health Sciences/ Faculty of Management/ Faculty of Education/Faculty of HSS)

Course code – CSE3213 & LEE3410

Academic year – SUGB 2020/21

Online Application window – 7th February to 28th February 2022

Thank you
Career Guidance Unit

Updated 03.02.2022



A zoom session is scheduled to assist the students who require technical assistance in creating the OUSL email account.

Date: 5th of February 2022 (Saturday)

Time: 5p onwards

Zoom link is as follows:

Meeting ID: 677 2926 6992
Passcode: mRdz3*n=

Creating the OUSL email account is a mandatory requirement to access the online examination portal.

Department of Social Studies
3rd of February 2022

Advanced Certificate in Social Sciences 2019/2020 – 2nd Semester TMA Guideline  L 1 & L 2

Higher Diploma in Youth Development – Day School Timetable

BA in Youth and Community Development (BAYCD)  2019/2020 Information to students and semester 2 time table 

BA in Social Sciences(BASS) 2019/2020 Information to students and semester 2 time tables

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