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Updated 19.11.2021

Colombo Regional Centre- Examination Halls for NBT 1 and 2- 2020-2021   


Updated 12.11.2021

Please be informed that Add/Drop date for the BMLS Honours Degree Programme (academic year 2020/2021) has been scheduled on 12th November 2021.

  1. Only the students who registered for the courses completely through the online system (new OMIS) should do their Add/Drop through the system. Please click the following URL to find the user manual for the “Add/Drop courses”. 

  1. Students who re-registered during the special re-registration period given (onsite on 5th November onwards) by physically coming to the University, have to visit the nearest regional center for Add/Drop.  Please find the attachment 1 for the general instructions and attachment 2 for the add/drop form.

As per the request made considering the impacts of Covid-19 pandemic situation to the BMLS Hons students, an approval has been granted by the Senate of the OUSL to extend the validity period of eligibility by another year for the students who have been absent /re-sit/repeat in the final examinations of the academic year 2019/2020 semester II.

Important: Usually, the eligibility is only valid for 2 years. If you obtained eligibility in the academic year 2018/19, you are to lapse your eligibility by the 2019/20 academic year. Because you have been given an additional year of eligibility validity, there would not be a problem of not getting results by the Add/Drop date.  Even though the Final examination results have not been released yet, you will not need to add courses on the Add/Drop date for those repeat courses of the Semester II Final Examination of the academic year 2019/2020, as your eligibility has been extended for another year even if your eligibility has lapsed.

Updated 25.10.2021

 Tentative Master Time Table 2020-2021 semester 01 

Updated 22.10.2021

 Timetable for Work-Based Training Online Final Examinations-2019-2020

Updated 05.10.2021


Please be informed that academic counselling for the students who belong to the group number 2 of the academic counselling schedule must reserve a time slot for academic counselling by 5th October 2021

Updated 04.10.2021

Activity Schedule – Academic Year 2020/2021 

———————————————————————————————————————— Updated 28.07.2021

Confirmed BMLS Hons  Final Examination  Timetable 2019/2020-Semester II

———————————————————————————————————————— Updated 19.07.2021

Finalized Time Table for Practical, Viva Voce and Presentation Assessments – Academic Year 2019/2020 Semester II

———————————————————————————————————————— Updated 09.04.2021

Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Sciences Honours Degree Programme – Semester – I – (Academic Year 2019/2020)
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