Master of Technology – Apparel production and Management


This program is designed with emphasis on the apparel sector, to produce executive managers who will successfully manage and lead industrial or national organizations in the manufacturing field. It provides knowledge to understand the behavior of global operation systems and methods of adapting that knowledge to the local industry. The program could be completed either by research or course option

Teaching mode

Distance mode, limited lecture hours with face-to-face teaching for course option.
Language of study: English

Contents of the program include: Apparel Manufacturing Technology, Global Outlook of Textile and Apparel Industry, Human Resource Management and Legal Aspects for Managing Textile and Apparel Marketing, Managerial Accounting and Financial Management, Supply Chain Management, Production Planning, Quality Management, Product Development, Human Factors Engineering, Strategic Management and Research Methodology. Further, in addition to the above, the following study areas such Energy and Environmental Management, Technology Management Operation, Research are included in this program.

Program duration

Minimum 1 year for the applicants entering with Postgraduate Diploma in Apparel Technology qualification.

Programme Code :
Programme Category :
Post Graduate Degree Programme
Conducted by :
Dept. of Textile and Apparel Technology, Faculty of Engineering Technology
Programme duration :
Minimum Minimum 1 Year
Discipline(s) / Course(s) :
Apparel Production and Management

Postgraduate diploma in Apparel production and management

Issuing of Applications :
Closing Date for Applications :
Programme commencing date :

Course fee for a student is calculated as given below. (for the academic year 2017/18) Level 7, 1 Credit = Rs. 4,800/=

This Post Graduate Degree programme is conducted by the department of Textile and Apparel Technology, Faculty of Engineering Technology. Contact the coordinator, Dr. M.E.R. Perera for further details.

Address :
Department of Textile and Apparel Technology, Faculty of Engineering, OUSL
Contact :
011 288 1310
Email :

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