Ms. S.N. Dissanayake

Ms. S.N. Dissanayake

Ms. S.N. Dissanayake

B.Sc. (OUSL), M. Phil. (OUSL)
Department of Computer Science
Room No. 348 ,4th Floor S&T Building , The Open University ,Nawala , Nugegoda.

Tel : +942881098 (598)

E-Mail :


Obtained a Bachelor of Science degree with a First Class from the Open University of Sri Lanka. Offered Pure Mathematics ,Applied Mathematics and Physics. Later read for a Master of Philosophy (MPhil) in Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the Open University of Sri Lanka.  For the post graduate degree a computer based learning system for Mathematics was developed. For the development of the system, expert systems in (AI) and learning theories of education were used.  At present involved in a research project to developed a personalized learning system using Learning Analytics and learning theories of Education.


Course Co-ordination

CSU5304-Mathematics for Computing , CSU5305- Theory of Computing

  Area of Specialization     e-learning

  Research Interests     Learning Analytics

Research Publications

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