Mrs. P.L.N.Randima Rajapaksha


Early Childhood and Primary Education
Faculty of Education

Central Campus, 3rd floor, Faculty of Education building

Office: 011-2881482, Ext: 482


P. L. N. Randima Rajapaksha is a Lecturer in the Department of Early Childhood and Primary Education, Faculty of Education in the Open University of Sri Lanka. Randima completed her Undergraduate and Masters studies in University of Colombo. Her research interests lie in the area of Early Childhood Education, Primary Education, Education Psychology, Guidance and Counseling, Teacher Education and Distance Learning. She has authored nearly 10 research publications including peer interaction, sociodramatic play, expressive language skills in International Conferences. Currently her research interest focuses on Learning through Play, Play in Early Childhood and Self Regulation and Play.

Areas of Specialization:

Child Psychology, Child Development, Education Psychology, Guidance and Counselling

Research interests:

Play in Early Childhood, Preschool Education, Primary School Education, Self regulation in Early Childhood, Early Childhood pedagogy, Peer interaction, Language development in Children



Programme Coordination:

Certificate in Preschool Education Programme

Course Coordination:

ESC 1233 Child Psychology, ESC 2315 – Early Childhood Development, ESD 2230 Child Development II, ESD 2235 – Personality Psychology



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Ongoing Research:

An investigative study on learning environments in preschools in Sri Lanka conducted by the Child Study Centre and funded by the Faculty funds of the Faculty of Education, The Open University of Sri Lanka. (ongoing)
Duties: Preparation of data collection instrument and data collection



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