Mrs. K.A.S.Saminda Kuruppu

Lecturer (Probationary)

Special Needs Education
Faculty of Education

Central Campus,

Office: 112881492, Ext: 492




Team member of the Development of Short Term Training packages for the Trainers of

Early Childhood Development teachers under the Early Childhood Development 

Project of the Government of Sri Lanka  

Programme Coordination:

BEdSNE Programme


Book Chapter


Kuruppu, K.A.S.S., & Jayawardena, C.K (2015). Knowledge and Attitudes of Primary School Teachers about Stuttering Children in Sri Lanka. In K. St.Louis (Ed.), STUTTERING MEETS STEREOTYPE, STIGMA, and DISCRIMINATION, (First ed., pp. 205-216). USA: West Virginia University Press.

(A member of the team of Authors for the book written in Sinhala on “Teaching, Learning Activities for children with Speech and Language Disorders”- National Institute of Education –Maharagama – Sri Lanka)


Poster presentation

Kuruppu, K. A. S. S., & Jayawardena, C. K. (2013)  A study on knowledge and attitudes among primary school teachers about children with Dysfluency in Sri Lanka.

Poster presentation– Stuttering Attitudes Research Symposium, Sponsored by the  Communication Sciences & Disorders, West Virginia University Morgantown, West Virginia, USA. September 4-7, 2013



Anoma Alwis, Malani Munasinghe, T.D.T.L. Dhanapala, Hemanthi Anuruddhika, K. Ketheeswaran,

Saminda Kuruppu; (2017) “Developing Language and Early Literacy skills of a preschool child with Global Developmental Delay”

Oral Presentation- At the 15th Open University Research Sessions organized by The Open University of Sri Lanka ,2017

Kuruppu, K. A. S. S ; (2016)“Deal with Dysfluency (Stammering): An Integrated Approach”

Oral presentation– At the Second International Conference on Linguistics in Sri Lanka organized by the Department of Linguistics-University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka 2016(25.8.2016- Abstract Number 43-page 65)

Kuruppu,K.A.S.S(2016) “Perception of primary school teachers about children who stammer in the classroom'”Faculty of Education. The Open University of Sri Lanka, (Abstract 1-Page number 5)

Kuruppu, K. A. S. S., & Jayawardena, K.A.S. (2014). Voices of Individuals with Dysfluency who have experienced marginalization.

Oral presentation– Speech & Language Therapy, Audiology and Disability Conference organized by the Department of Disability Studies, Faculty of Medicine, University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka. 18th -20th December 2014

Kuruppu, K. A. S. S., & Jayawardena, C. K. (2014). Knowledge and Attitudes of a Group of Primary School Teachers in Sri Lanka About Children Who Stammer.

Oral presentation-International Research sessions, University of Peradeniya, SriLanka.4th &5th July 2014




“Language and Cognition” Unit Author for the BSc (Hons)in Psychology Degree Programme of The Department of Psychology and Counselling -Faculty of Health Sciences , The Open University of Sri Lanka


Kuruppu, K.A.S.S (2014, October 22). “Helping a child who stammers; an integrated approach”. The Island, p. 10.

Kuruppu, K.A.S.S. (2007, October 7). “Let’s explore about?”. The Nation, p. 02.

Kuruppu,K.A.S.S. (2006, July 9). Talking her way into young hearts. Sunday Observer [Personal interview].


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