Mrs. Ayomi Indika Irugalbandra

Senior Lecturer (G II)

Secondary and Tertiary Education
Faculty of Education
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Senior Lecturer

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I am a senior lecturer in the Department of Secondary and Tertiary Education, since 2004. In addition, I am a third year PhD student in the  Queensland University of Technology, Australia. In the broadest sense, my research is focused on the context of aesthetic Education and the  classroom practice. Much of my published research to date has been on secondary classroom teaching and learning practices in Sri Lanka. My current work examines development of creativity and adaptability skills in junior secondary school students. At the same time, my intervention has helped me to introduce new teaching approach for drama education classrooms in Sri Lanka.

Area of Specialization:

Aesthetic Education

Research Intrests:

Creativity development, Aesthetic Education , Drama Education, Educational Interventions, Adaptability, Critical thinking


1. A member of the Australian Association for reserch in education.

2. A life time member of the SLAAED ( Sri Lanka Association for the Advancement of Education)

3. Visiting Lecturer (2013-2017). Deparment arparment of Humanities Education, Faculty of Education, University of Colombo, Sri       Lanka.

4. Visiting Lecturer (2014 -2017). Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Sri Jayawardenapura, Sri Lanka .

5. A member of the Board of Examiner (2007-2017). Tower Hall Theatre Foundation, Sri Lanka.

6.  A member of the Selection Board (2008-2017). Tower Hall Theatre Foundation, Sri Lanka

7. A  member in the Board of Examiners (2014-2017). Faculty of Dance & Drama, University of the Visual & Performing Arts, Colombo, Sri Lanka.


Programmes Coordination:

Bachelor of Education (Drama & Theatre) Degree programme

Course Coordination:

Post Graduate Diploma in Education – Level 7 ESP2204 – Aesthetic Education/ Christianity Education Bachelor of Education (Drama & Theatre) Degree programme Level 5/6ESU3327 – Aesthetic & Creative StudyESU3327 – Educational Technology for teaching Drama & TheaterESU4312 – Teaching PracticeBachelor of Education (Natural Science) Degree Programme ESU3117 – Child Rights Diploma in Early Childhood and Primary Education ESD1132 ‹¨« Aesthetic & Creative StudiesCertificate in PreSchool Education ProgrammesESC1135 ‹¨« Aesthetic & Creative Studies


Certificates awarded by the Vice Chancellor, the Open University of Sri Lanka for Institutional Development in 2010 and 2016.



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4. Lekamge, G.D., Irugalbandara, A.I. and Fernando, M.N.C.. (2018). Analysis of the Problems of and the Suitable Solutions for an Initial           Teacher Training Programme Conducted through the Distance Mode. OUSL Journal, 13(1), pp.115–133.    DOI:



Irugalbandara, A.I. (2019). Creativity as a right in drama education: Sri Lankan student experiences. HDR Conference, QUT-Griffith University, Brisbane.

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Irugalbandara, A. I. (2011). The Importance of Teaching Practice in Teacher Education Curriculum. International Conference on                    Emerging Trends in Teacher Education, India.


Ongoing Research:

Investigating process drama techchniques for the development of creativity and adaptability skills in junior secondary students in Sri Lanka.



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