Mr. Lal Medawattegedara

Senior Lecturer

Language Studies
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

CRC, 1st Floor, HSS Building, Room 20

Office: 2881431, Ext: 431

Email: NULL

Teacher of English Literature, English Language and Creative Writing. Researcher of folktales and gender. Fiction writer.

Areas of Specialization:

English Literature, English Language and Creative Writing

Research interests:

Folklore: Folktales; Gender: Feminine and Masculine


Member – Sri Lanka English Teachers’ Association (SLELTA) Member – Sri Lanka Association for Commonwealth Language and Literature

Programme Coordination:

BA in English and English Language Teaching Level 03

Course Coordination:

BA in English and English Language Teaching Level 03


2012 Gratiaen Prize Winner for the novel ‘Playing Pillow Politics at MGK’ 2002 Gratiaen Shortlist for the collection of short stories ‘The Window Cleaner’s Soul’


Instrument of Power, Oppression or Deception?: The Politics of Bilingulaism in Sri Lankan Literature, publsihed in VISTAS, the Journal of HUmanities and Social Sciences, Voulme 7 & 8, December 2012.

‘Folk Ideas’ and ‘Worldview’ Inscribed in a Selection of Folktales Attributed to the Muslim Community of the East Coast of Sri Lanka, OUSL Journal 2017 Volume 12 No 2.

“We Must Make Men”: Constructions of Masculinities and Femininities in Parker’s Village Folk Tales of Ceylon, OUSL Journal Volume 9 2015.

Pumping Iron: The Question of Masculinity in Blue Stories for Adults, PHOENIX: Sri Lank journal of English in the Commonwealth – Volume IX 2012.

Masculinity—A Temporary Matter? Or an Open Window?: A Masculine Re-reading of the GCE A/L English Literature Anthology of Short Stories. Changing Paradigms in English Language Teaching: Selected Papers from the 7th International Conference of the Sri Lanka English Language Teachers’ Association  2014.


Folktales and Gender

Ongoing Research:

‘From the earliset times…there were neither men, nor living beings’: Traditions of Masculinity in Sinhala and Tamil Folktales


‘Playing Pillow Politics at MGK’ (Colombo, Akna:2013) – a novel, Winner Gratiaen Prize 2012 ‘The Window Cleaner’s Soul’ (2002) – Collection of short stories: shortlisted for Gratiaen Prize 2002 ‘Can you hear me running’ – Collection of short stories ((Colombo, 2007: Zeus Publications)

The Window Cleaner’s Soul (Short-listed Gratiaen Prize 2002)

Can You Hear Me Running (Zeus Publication)

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