Mr. Andi Schubert

Senior Lecturer in English

Department of Language Studies
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Colombo, Department of Language Studies, OUSL

Office: 112881056, Ext: 556


As a teacher, I contribute to the BA (Hons) in English and English Language Teaching and the Diploma in English and English Literature programmes offered by the Department of Language Studies. In these programmes, I teach courses on academic reading, literature, literature pedagogy, cultural studies and research methodology. I am also currently a visiting lecturer at the Department of Fine Arts, University of Peradeniya and at the Postgraduate Institute of English (PGIE). I value interaction and dialogue in learning in the hope that it leads to a deeper understanding of the ways in which we encounter the world(s) around us.

As a researcher, I am drawn to generative questions and the problem spaces that define them. Methodologically, I am interested in exploring the possibilities and limits of applying the tools of Literary Studies to questions that have more traditionally found a home in Political Science, History, or Sociology. In this vein, my recent work examines histories of language studies in higher education and census categorizations. I am currently working on projects that explore the interstices of history and literary studies with a specific focus on temporalities and identifications.


Areas of Specialization:

Academic Reading, Literary & Cultural Studies, Critical Theory, Research Methodologies, English Literature Pedagogy

Research interests:

Ceylon/ Sri Lanka, Identities and Identifications, Temporalities, Popular Culture, Politics and Society, Histories, Critical Theories


Social Scientists’ Association

American Institute for Sri Lankan Studies

Programme Coordination:

Diploma in English Language & Literature (Level 3)

  • Fulbright Scholar, Fulbright Foreign Student Program, Sri Lanka (2014-2016).
  • The Earle R. Davis Scholarship for the Most Outstanding Graduate Student Scholar in the M.A. Program in English, Department of English, Kansas State University, USA (2015).
  • The Cultural Studies Essay Award. Department of English, Kansas State University, USA (2016).
  • Arts & Sciences Student Research Travel Award, Kansas State University, USA (2015).
  • Graduate Student Council Travel Award, Kansas State University, USA (2014).

Research (Selected):

  • MA Thesis (Pass with Distinction): A Genealogy of an Ethnocratic Present: Rethinking Ethnicity after Sri Lanka’s Civil War, Department of English, Kansas State University, (2016).
  • Researcher, Study on Corruption and Vulnerability in Accessing Local Authority Services for Transparency International Sri Lanka, Social Scientists’ Association, 2017
  • Researcher, Qualitative Study on Community-Police Relationships for The Asia Foundation, Social Scientists’ Association, 2017.
  • Researcher, Study of State of Democracy and Governance in Sri Lanka, Social Scientists’ Association (2013-2014).
  • Researcher, CARE International Baseline Survey on the Plantation Community, Social Scientists’ Association (2013).
  • Researcher, State of Democracy in Sri Lanka focusing on Minorities, Social Scientists’ Association (2013).
  • Sri Lankan Conversations: Challenges, Opportunities and Aspirations of Youth in Post-War Sri Lanka – International Alert (Jan.-April 2011 & Nov. 2011- Feb. 2012).
  • Youth, Violence, Conflict and Peace Building in Sri Lanka: A Short Background Paper for the Commonwealth Youth Program, Asia Centre, (2010).
  • Schubert, A. (2020). “A Manifesto for the Past: The Past Conditional Temporalities of Language Studies”. Vistas, 13(2), 68-94
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  • Schubert, A. (2019). “Sahabhagithwayai Wadagath”: Social Media Memes in the Wake of a Political Crisis”. In Changing World, Challenging Boundaries: New Frontiers of Creative Arts and Humanities – Proceedings of the 1st International Research Symposium of the UVPA, Colombo, 2018 (Chinthaka Prageeth Meddegoda (ed.)). Colombo: University of Visual & Performing Arts, pp.29-44
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  • Schubert, A. (December 2019). Birthday Eka Mehemanang, Wedding Eka Kohomada?: Chandimal Jayasinghe and the Queer Landscapes of Popular History. 2nd International Research Symposium of the University of Visual & Performing Arts, Colombo.
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