Mathematics and Philosophy of Engineering


The Department of Mathematics and Philosophy of Engineering provides you knowledge to enhance your capacity of working as industrialists and technologists effectively in complex societies where technology constantly influences and gets influenced by social, environmental, cultural and economic factors.

The Department offers courses under two streams of studies

  1. Mathematics
  2. Philosophy of Engineering.

Mathematics courses offered by the Department are designed to provide knowledge of mathematics required by all students following all programmes offered by the Faculty of Engineering at all levels. In addition, the Department provides life-long mathematical skills required by everyone as citizens of the world.

Under the Philosophy of Engineering stream, the Department offers subjects at Diploma, Graduate and Post-graduate levels to raise awareness of students on a range of themes such as the connectedness of technology, society and environment, linkages of technology with development, nature of science and mathematics, history of technology within local and global contexts, opportunities and constraints of technology, major social and environmental debates in relation to technology etc.

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