Innovation Grants

(Will be advertised when funds are available)

Open University of Sri Lanka (OUSL)

The Open University of Sri Lanka seeks to promote innovations and would like to help the academic staff and the students (both graduate and postgraduate) pursuing innovations. There is a strong emphasis on innovative solutions to address unique and complex challenges of the 21st century. In this regard, the key question would be “How do we find resources and support to begin such innovative projects?”

As the first step in answering the question above, the OUSL Innovation Grants program is being initiated to support innovations, explorations, and other scientific developments by way of designs, products and methods etc in order to raise awareness and encourage engagement in innovative efforts by the members of the academic staff and the students of the OUSL. Grant recipients receive a maximum of Rs. 100,000/- as financial support for such work.

These Innovation Grants are open to members of the academic staff and current students of the Open University of Sri Lanka. You may obtain matching grants in cash or thing (e.g. resources from collaborators) in order to complete the innovation project with the prior approval of the OUSL. In providing funds, the specified project goals, the feasibility of optimum utilization of the outcome of the innovation and long-term sustainability etc may become important factors.

In case you are a current student and if you wish to apply for a grant you will need to have a faculty mentor who is aware of your plans to use your funds and is willing to advise you through the proposed project. Then you will need to complete an Expression of Interest (EOI) as a preliminary exercise. In case of members of the academic staff, they may submit their EOIs as per the format given below. Item Nos. 5, 6, 7 and 9 are relevant to students only. The EOI should include the following information in brief.

  1. Project Title:
  2. Name of the Applicant: (Students must provide Registration Number)
  3. Contact Telephone / e mail:
  4. Department / Faculty:
  5. Course of Study: (for students only)
  6. Year of Study: (for students only)
  7. Name of Faculty Advisor: (for students only)
  8. Project Description in Brief:
    • – Short project title:
    • – Goal / objectives of your project:
    • – What problems does your project address?
    • – What solutions does your project offer?
    • – What is the innovation?
    • – How is this solution different to what is currently available on the market?
    • – What is the potential market for your proposal?
    • – Total project cost:
  9. Consent of the Faculty Advisor: (for students only)
  10. Signature and date

Please email your completed EOI with the consent of your mentor that he / she is willing to supervise you through the proposed project to on or before ……………………... A hardcopy should also be sent to Director – Research, OUSL. EOI received after this date may not be considered for the current round of funding.

Once you have submitted your EOI, it will be assessed to see whether it is suitable for consideration of an innovation grant. Then you will be invited to submit the written formal application. The closing date for formal application will be notified later.

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