Information Studies Unit (ISU)

The Information Studies Unit (ISU) was established in 2017 under the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. The main purpose of establishing ISU is to conduct the BALIS degree program, which was started in 2019. The first Unit coordinator was the Mrs. H.P.S.D Gunasekara, Deputy Librarian.

The Unit is located in the Main Library of the OUSL. Role of the Unit Coordinator and the staff is to run the programme by performing following functions under the guidance and instructions given by the Faculty of HSS.

Our Services

a)  Prepare study materials.

b)  Schedule and conduct Day -Schools.

c)  Counseling students in their academic matters.

d)  Organize and conduct workshops to improve skills of the students.

e) Organize workshops to improve skills of the teaching staff.

f) Prepare guideline for evaluation activities.

g)  Schedule and conduct CATs and Final Examinations at the end of each semester.

h)  Help teaching staff for student’s evaluation activities.

i) Maintain the quality of the programme according to the Faculty guidelines

j) Support students to follow the programme with no dropouts

Currently Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences offers the BA Hons LIS Degree Programme  for the three year LIS Diploma holders.

Soon Diploma level of Library and Information Studies courses will commence for the AL pass students, as part of the Library Science Programme.

Welcome message of the Dean – Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Professor Anton Piyarathne
Dean, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences


It is a great privilege to welcome the first batch of students of the BA (Hons) in Library and Information Studies (BA LIS) programme offered by the Open University of Sri Lanka (OUSL). I salute you for the choice you made as this is Sri Lanka’s first ever programme in this professional field through Open and Distance Learning (ODL). The process of building a dynamic professional community by successfully pursuing the goal of Continuing Professional Development depends on the access to information and knowledge. Citizens of Twenty-first Century are truly global and the same could be said about the challenges faced by them. Required solutions are also heavily linked to progress made in the international arena. In this context, study of new innovations is vital not only for higher studies and research but also for basic day today functions of citizens both locally as well as internationally.

Therefore, the investment made by learners would bring tangible returns once s/he completes the BA (Hons) in Library and Information Studies offered by the Open University of Sri Lanka. This undergraduate degree programme is the brainchild of the staff of the OUSL library led by Dr. Wathmanel Seneviratna, the Librarian of OUSL and other local and foreign experts in the field.

The Department of Social Studies and the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences provide the administrative leadership required to successfully deliver the BA (Hons) in LIS programme. I wish you the best for your success in lifelong learning with OUSL.

Welcome Message of the Course Coordinator

Mrs. H.P.S.D Gunasekara
Deputy Librarian
The Library of Open University

It is with immense pleasure I, as the Coordinator of the BALIS Programme, welcome all the new students who are in 4th batch to the Open University of Sri Lanka.

The aim of the BALIS degree programme is to prepare students to the national and global market. There are four semesters in this programme and students have to complete 64 credits during the period of two years. There are 15 courses  that develop Knowledge, attitudes, professional skills as programme contents several practical components in different courses. Hence that I am sure that those who have joined with the program will gain qualifications you need to start your career, develop your professional skill and maximize your potential.  I wish you the best for your success in distance learning with OUSL.

Internal Academics


Mrs. Damayanthi Gunasekara

Coordinator, ISU


Dr. (Mrs) Anoma Weerakoon
Senior Assistant Librarian -KRC


Mrs. Piumali Karunarathne Abeysinghe
Senior Assistant Librarian- KuRC


Mrs. P.K.M Kaushamalika
Senior Assistant Librarian -MRC


Mrs. Irosha Marasinghe,
Senior Assistant Librarian - ML


Mrs. Geethani Jeewanthi
Lecturer, Department of Legal Studies- OUSL


Mr. W. Danushka Manoj
Senior Lecturer, Department of Legal Studies- OUSL


Mr. V. Thirukkumar
Assistant Network Manager - ML

Visiting Academics


Dr. (Mrs.) Wathmanel Senevirathne

Librarian, Kotalawala Defence University


Dr. (Mrs.) K.R.N Harshani
Lecture, Department of LIS - University of Kelaniya


Dr. C. Jayasundara
Librarian,  University of Kelaniya


Dr. U.P Cabral

Director,  National Library of Sri Lanka


Mr. T. Ramanan

Senior Assistant Librarian, University of Colombo


Mr. M.N. Ravikumar

Senior Assistant Librarian, Eastern University


Mrs. U.D Hiruni Kanchana,

Assistant Librarian, Sir John Kotalawala Defence University


Mrs. Manori Samarakoon,

Senior Assistant Librarian, Buddhist and Pali University


Mr. B.G.N Kumarasinghe
Former Librarian-Central Bank of Sri Lanka

ISU Staff

Mrs. Damayanthi Gunasekara
Deputy Librarian
Ms. Abimani Weerasinghe
Lecturer (Temporary)

Ms. Gayani Sandamali
Academic Coordinator
Mr. Uthpala Amarasena
Library Information Assistant
Ms. Pabasara Minoli
Project Assistant
The Open University of Sri Lanka
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