Welcome to the website of the Department of Nursing at the Faculty of Health Sciences, OUSL.

The Department of Nursing offers a high-quality Bachelor of Science Degree programme in Nursing in a vibrant and supportive learning environment to prepare nurses for a rewarding career in health care. Our B.Sc.Degree Programme in Nursing is designed to develop the broad knowledge base needed by professional nurses to cater to the diverse and complex health care needs of the emerging society in a rapidly changing global community.

In congruence with the principles of Open and Distance Learning (ODL) mode, the Department of Nursing is committed to foster student-faculty interaction and lifelong learning, facilitating nursing undergraduates’ professional and personal development. Nurses who are employed in any part of the island can create their own learning pace in accordance with their individual learning styles and the needs. To facilitate the learning environment further, we have decentralized academic activities to almost all Regional Centres of the OUSL. With recent revisions, the B.Sc(Nursing) Degree Programme has been tailored to suit individual career aspirations of nurses, particularly in the areas of gerontological nursing, palliative care nursing, critical care nursing, and adult nursing.

The B.Sc. (Nursing) Programme consists of varied learning experiences. These learning experiences are designed to develop a variety of skills, including research skills, leadership and management skills, critical thinking, problem solving, and analytical skills. We, therefore, nurture our nursing graduates to go beyond the narrow application of technical procedures at a patient’s bedside and take leading roles in transforming the health care system, both nationally and globally.

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Dear Students,

The Continuous Assessment Tests of the second semester- Academic Year 2019/20 of BSc Hons in Nursing Degree Programme will be conducted as in the following timetable. 


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