Eng.(Mrs.) P.R. Dadigamuwa

Senior Lecturer (G I)

Mechanical Engineering
Faculty of Engineering Technology

Central Campus, 1st floor, Science and Technology building, Room No : E107

Office: 112881025, Ext: 525

Email: prdad@ou.ac.lk


Area of Specification:

Materials Engineering

Research Intrests:

Materials and mechanical



Course Coordination:

academic coordinator for Materials Engineering, Materials and Manufacturing Technology and Management for Engineers courses


1. Annealing of Glass, OUR journal, 1995, Vol (4) page 31 to 43, Open University of Sri Lanka

2. Influence of Lehr parameters on Annealing – SLAAS annual sessions, 1992

3. Motivating factors that Affect enrolment and student performance in an ODL Engineering programme-IRR ODL-Vol.13 No 1 (2012)

4. Factors affecting on student unsuccessfulness in Engineering programmes in distance education- International journal of Instructional  Technology and Distance learning, June 2005, Volume 2 Number 6

5. Copper seperation from burned out charcoal-copper mixture (Wastage recycling)- European journal of Advances in Engineering   Technology, ,(www.ejaet.com), 2015 2(12): 21-24

6. Saving Energy Consumption in Glass Printing Lehr-European journal of Advances in Engineering  Technology, (www.ejaet.com), 2016.3(11):42-45

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8.Wast heat recovery from Printing Lehr of Glass Manufacturing Process-European journal of Advances in Engineering  Technology, (www.ejaet.com), 2018,5(8):521-524

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