Eng.(Miss) G. S. N. Meedin

Lecturer (Probationary)

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Faculty of Engineering Technology
Website FB RG

Colombo Regional Center, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Second intermediate floor, Science and Technology building, Room No : E201

Office: 112881272, Ext: 272

E-mail: gsnad@ou.ac.lk gsnadeerameedin@gmail.com

Web: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nadeera-meedin-bb4a2120

Holds a Master of Science in Computer Science with a specialization in Software Architecture from the University of Moratuwa and a Bachelor of Technology degree in Computer Engineering from the Open University of Sri Lanka.

Areas of Specialization:

Computer Engineering

Research interests:

Mobile Computation, Crowdsourcing, HCI, Human Computation, User Experience Evaluation,Embedded Systems




Engineering Research Unit (ERU) Gold Medal for the best publication in Open University review Engineering Technology

Ongoing Research:

An Analytical Framework for Social Media Content Moderation in Sri Lanka


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Extended Abstracts
[9] J.M.N. Wijesooriya and G.S.N. Meedin , ‘Context Aware Smart Medicine Wallet’, in Sri Lanka Association for the Advancement of Science – 72nd Annual Sessions, Sri Lanka, 7th of December 2016

White Paper
[10] G. S. Nadeera Meedin, W. M. A. Dileepa Weerasinghe; 2011: “Testing for New Era of Software Web Services,SOA”; Test Fest 2011; 24th of February 2011, Virtusa (Pvt) Ltd., Colombo 9.

Abstracts & Posters
[11] G.S.N. Meedin and I. Perera, ‘Poster: Crowdsourcing for User Experience(UX) Evaluation’, in 14th Annual International Conference on Mobile Systems, Applications, and Services Companion, Singapore, 2016,pp. 058-58 DOI=10.1145/2938559.2948837

[12] I. Premaratne and G.S.N. Meedin , ‘Poster: Using Extrinsic and Intrinsic Motivation factors to encourage student discussions in online classrooms integrating Facebook: Learner Perspective’, in PCF8:Pan Commonwealth Forum, Malaysia, 2016

[13] Caldera, M. M., Meedin, G.S.N. & Perera, I. (2020). Time Series Based Trend Analysis for Hate Speech in Sri Lankan Social Media Platforms During COVID 19 Pandemic. 20th International Conference on Advances in ICT for Emerging Regions, Sri Lanka

[14] Meedin, G.S.N., Caldera H.M.M.,(2020). Hate Speech Corpus Generation using Crowd. 76th Annual Sessions – 2020, Sri Lanka. Page-166

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