Dr. T. L. Pradeep

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Dr. T. L. Pradeep

BSc Eng (Hons)(Ruhna), PG-Dip (Peradeniya), PhD (Basilicata), MIE(SL), CEng, MIEP(SL), MSLAQ

Department of Civil Engineering
Ground floor, Science and Technology building, Room No : E 012

Dr(Eng) T L Pradeep earned his Bachelor of Civil and environmental Engineering at University of Ruhuna,Sri Lanka and then pursued his Post Graduate Diploma in Structural Engineering at University of Peradeniya,Sri Lanka in 2009 and 2011 respectively. Later on he was awarded prestige merit scholarship for his PhD at University of Basilicata, Italy Under the European Commission (EU-NICE) 2012 to 2014. During his stay in Italy the numerous research academic relevant to confined concrete and its related numerical models were studied to predict the cyclic behaviour of concrete. Finally his Thesis awarded with super category under PhD cycle of XVII at University of Basilicata.  

Dr(Eng)T L Pradeep has more than 10 years research experience and comprehensive industrial commitment in engineering discipline. He has published more than15+Technical papers including peer reviewed Journal papers. He is pioneer in structural engineering, seismic engineering, sustainable material and green construction, dynamic analysis and design, high rise building design and renewable sector. Further He is holding the professional membership of all the relevant  institution such as Sri Lanka Association for Quality (SLAQ),Asia-Pacific Chemical, Biological & Environmental Engineering Society. Hong Kong,Institute of Environmental Professionals of Sri Lanka,of Institution of Engineers Sri Lanka

In addition, He has been served for the local and many international project during his stayed at France as follows;

  • Consultancy post ,University of Bordeaux, France
    • Impact Global climate changes for natural hazards(Tsunami and Earthquake effect to reinforced concrete structures-Buildings, Bridges, railway)
  • Chief Consultant(ICR), Sri Lanka                                                                   
    • World Bank(NELSIP Project)
  • Design Consultant, Sri Lanka                                                            
    • Asian Development Bank(WERAS Ganga Project)
  • Structural  Consultant, Sri Lanka                                                                   
    • UNDP,UNICEF(Renewable Energy Project)
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