Dr. S. Ahilan

Senior Lecturer in Physics

Faculty of Natural Sciences

Faculty Coordinator /Department of Physics, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Jaffna Regional Centre,, The Open University of Sri Lanka, Brown Road, Kokkuvil, Jaffna. Sri Lanka.

Office: , Ext: Mobile: +94776915189

E-mail: sahil@ou.ac.lk


I started my primary and secondary education at Jaffna Central College. I obtained my undergraduate specialization in Physics at the University of Jaffna. I joined the South Eastern University as a temporary lecturer and in parallel to a Master’s degree in Physics of Materials at the University of Peradeniya. Again received a Masters Degree in Physics of Materials and Doctor of Philosophy ( Ph.D ) at the University of Bolton, UK. Field specialized is Nanotechnology. Served as a Senior Lecturer in Physics at Eastern University, Sri Lanka then serving at The Open University of Sri Lanka.

Research interests:

Improve the performance of locally available nano materials (Lime stone, Natural Clay, etc.)

Course Coordination:

PHU3300 – General and Thermal Physics.


Conducting a research project on the title of Exploration of local nanomaterials for concrete technology under the DOR research grant by the AHEAD operation at Eastern University, Sri Lanka

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