Dr.(Mrs.) I.U. Atthanayake

Senior Lecturer (G I)

Mechanical Engineering
Faculty of Engineering Technology
Head of the Department

Main Campus, Ground Floor, Science and Technology building, Room No: E041

Office: 112881085, Ext: 585

E-mail: iuatt@ou.ac.lk NULL

Ms Iresha Atthanayake?s research interests lie in the general area of fluid mechanics and heat transfer. She is a senior lecturer in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. She graduated from University of Peradeniya- Sri Lanka in 2003 and she has completed her MPhil at University of Moratuwa in 2013. Ms Atthanayake has 9 years of teaching experience and currently she teaches DMX3401 ? Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics for higher diploma level and DMX5836 – management for Engineers, DMX6204 ? Computational Fluid Mechanics for undergraduate students. Ms Atthanayake is also contributing to the facilitation of the Worldwide M Sc in Sustainable Energy Engineering Program (SEE World MSc), conducted by the Royal Institute of Technology and the University of Galve, Sweden, for which OUSL is the facilitating University in Sri Lanka. Her work in this program includes supervision of student group projects and thesis projects.

Areas of Specialization:

Fluid Dynamics, Fluid Machinery, Particle Image velocimetry(PIV)

Research interests:

Rotating flows, Swirling jets, Water turbines, Molecular communication



Programme Coordination:

Master of Energy Management

Course Coordination:

DMX3401 (Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics), DMM5836 (Management for Engineers), DMX6204 (Computational Fluid Dynamics)


Formation–breakdown cycle of turbulent jets in a rotating fluid


Analytical study on flow through a Pelton turbine bucket using boundary layer theory


Experimental molecular communications in obstacle rich fluids


Dynamic variability of axisymmetric, round jet in a rotating reference frame


Behaviour of an axi-symmetric jet in the rotating reference frame


Effect of blade friction on performance of Micro-Hydro pelton turbines: mathematical modeling and experimental verification


Pulsation of an axisymmetric jet in the presence of background rotation


Mathematical Model for the Effect of Blade Friction on the Performance of Pelton Turbine


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