Dr. K.Radhika M. De Silva

Senior Lecturer I

Language Studies
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Head/ Department of Language Studies

Main Campus, 1st floor, HSSbuilding, ROOM 5

Office: 112881124, Ext: 624 Mobile: NULL

Email: krsil@ou.ac.lk NULL


Area of Specification:

Psycholinguistics; Methodology in Teaching English as a Second Language

Research Intrests:

Language learner strategy instruction; Language testing and assessment ; Language teacher education; Academic writing; English for Academic Purposes; Open and Distance Learning


Member – Board of Management (Postgraduate Institute of English) Member – Board of Study TESL (Postgraduate Institute of English)


De Silva, R. (2015). Writing strategy instruction: its impact on writing in a second language for academic purposes. Paper  published in Language Teaching Research (19,3)301-323.doi:10.1 1/1362168814541738 http://ltr.sagepub.com/content/19/3/301 2015


De Silva, R. & Graham, S. (2015).The effects of strategy instruction on writing strategy use for students of different proficiency levels. Paper published in System 53, 47-59.(2015)http://www.sciencedirect.com/doi.org/10.1016/j.system.2015.06.009

De Silva, R. & Devendra, D. (2015). Responding to English Language Needs of Undergraduates: Challenges and Constraints (with D. Devendra) OUSL Journal, 7, 1-24. 2015 http://ouslj.sljol.info/287/volume/7/issue/0/

De Silva, R. (2012). Strategy Instruction in the Language Classroom: Issues, Concerns and Possibilities. VISTAS Journal,7/8, 43-59.

De Silva, R. (2012). Tasks and Writing Strategy Use. Is Mapping Out Possible? GSTF Journal for Law and Social Sciences 2,1.

Conference Proceedings

Assessing Writing: Realities of Weight Allocation in Teacher-made Tests. Paper presented at the Symposium on Second Language Writing at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand July 2017.

Self-reflections of student teachers on their practice teaching: an exploratory study (with D. Devendra). Annual Academic Sessions, Open University of Sri Lanka. November 19-20, 2015.

Mooching off MOOCs? User insights and reflections. Paper presented at the 29th AAOU Conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 30th November-2nd December 2015.

Rubrics for Assessment: Their Effects on ESL Students’ Authentic Task Performance. Paper presented at the CELC Symposium, National University of Singapore. 2013

How Strategic are we? Listening Test Experience of EGAP Students at OUSL. Paper presented at Open University Academic Sessions 2014.



Writing in a Second Language for Academic Purposes: Coping with the Challenges in Globalising Higher Education. Paper presented at SRHE PGNR Conference at Celtic Manor Resort, Newport, Wales on 13-14 December 2010.

A Study of Students’ Perceptions of English Language Teaching/Learning Experience (Presented at NELTA International Conference, Nepal and at the SLELTA International Conference, Colombo, 2001).


A Study of Perceptions of Others in Self-Descriptions of Adolescents (Presented at the HSS Faculty Annual Academic Sessions, 2002).


An Investigation of Sources of Pressure on Secondary School ESL teachers (Presented at the HSS Faculty Annual Academic Sessions, 2004).


Ongoing Research:

Teacher Cognition in English Language Teaching

Tracer study of BA in English and English Language Teaching graduates

Language test construction practices

Research Supervisions:

PhD Thesis Supervision

MA Thesis Supervision


De Silva R. (2003) ‹¨« ‹¨«Developing creativity in the ESL classroom‹¨«. In R. Raheem & A. Hamlyn (eds.), Selected papers from the SLELTA 3rd International Conference. British Council: Colombo

-De Silva R. (2001) ‹¨« Students‹¨« perceptions of English language teaching/learning experience in the ESL classroom. In D. Hayes (ed.), Selected papers from the SLELTA 2nd International Conference 2000. British Council: Colombo

De Silva, R. (2014). Language learning: the fascinating role of the human brain. Article published in Seehavalochana– publication to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of KBV.


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