♦  Quality Assurance Policy

QA Policy Aug 15 2021

♦  Sri Lanka Qualification Framework

♦  Assignment Formats

BMS Assignment format 
BMS CAT format 
BMS Final Examination Paper format AFU6421
ESBM Assignment-Format 
ESBM Final Examination format 

♦  Student Feedback  Forms  

Student Feedback Form-Day school
Student Feedback Form-Day school
Student Feedback Form – Overall Course Evaluation 
Student Feedback Form – Regional Education Service (RES) 

♦  Peer Evaluation Form

Academic Peer Evaluation   

♦  Moderation Forms & Report

CAT Moderator Form  
Final Examination Moderator Form 

♦  Research Guide for the Studies

A Guide to Conduct Your Research

  Course Templet developed by CETMe

Course Template User Guide  
Checklist for the Course Material
Bridging the Gap – Writing 
House Style
Recommendations of the University Course Development Committee 
Course Content Development Models for ODL system

♦  Course Dossier Content –  Specified by FQAC 

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