Curriculum for Bachelor of Industrial Studies Honours in Apparel Production & Management Specialization

Levels 3 and 4 Compulsory Courses

TAX3530 Fibre to Fabric
TAX3331 Garment Analysis and Sewing Machinery
TAI3332 Garment Accessories
TAI3533 Pattern Construction
TAM3234 Basics of Human Resource Management
TAM3535 Management Studies
TAZ3536 Statistics for Industrial Studies
TAK3237 Introduction to Computer Applications
TAX4438 Production Planning and Organization
TAX4539 Quality Assurance for Textile and Clothing
TAX4540 Garment Manufacture
TAX4441 Knitted Garment Technology
TAI4442 Advanced Pattern Construction
TAI4243 Foundation Garments
TAI4344 Industrial Garment Washing and Finishing
TAM4445 Apparel Merchandising
TAW4401 Specific Training I (Apparel)

Levels 3 and 4 Elective Courses

LLJ3245 Introduction to Laws of Sri Lanka
MHJ4241 History of Technology

Levels 5 and 6 Compulsory Courses

TAI5246 Current Topics in Textile and Clothing
TAX5547 Plant Utilities
TAX5648 Fabric Structure and Analysis
TAX5349 Nonwoven Textiles
TAZ5550 Quantitative Techniques
TAW5401 Specific Training II (Apparel)
TAX6455 Fabric Technology
TAX6556 Ergonomics
TAX6454 Technical Textiles
TAX6263 Textile Product Engineering
TAM6457 Fashion Marketing
TAY6882 Research Project (Apparel Production)

Levels 5 and 6 Elective Courses

TAX5551 Textile Colouration
TAI5552 Principles of Fashion Design
MHJ5343 Nature of Science
MHJ5342 Technology, Society and Environment
TAJ5353 History and Traditions of Clothing
TAX6367 Advanced Colouration
TAX6368 Nano Technology for Textiles
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