CRC Academic Programmes

Academic Programs

Colombo Regional Centre is providing facilities to conduct student registration up to the student graduation of all study programs relevant to the six Faculties including Certificate, Diploma, Degree, Post Graduate Diploma, and Masters in the fields of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences, Management Studies, Engineering Technology,Health Sciences andNatural Scienceswhich is conducted by the OUSL.


Faculty of Education

• Postgraduate Diploma in Education
• Certificate in Pre- School Education
• Advanced Cert. in Pre School Education
• Bachelor of Education (Honors) in Primary Education (Dip. in Early Childhood)
• Bachelor of Education (Honors) in Primary Education
• Bachelor of Special Needs Education
• Post Graduate Dip. in Special Needs Education
• Post Graduate Dip. in Special Needs Education
• Master of Education in Special Needs Education
• MA in Teacher Education

Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences

• Diploma in English Language and Literature
• B. A in English & Eng. Language Teaching
• Advance Cert. in Social Sciences
• B.A Degree in Social Sciences
• Diploma in Youth in Development Work (New)
• BA in Youth & Community Development
• BA Hons in Library and Information Studies
• Diploma in Tourism Operations
• Business & Professional Communication Stage 1
• Sinhala/ Tamil Basic Program
• Sinhala/ Tamil Beginners Program

Faculty of Management Studies

• Cert. in Entrepreneurship & Small B.M
• Bach. of Management Studies Degree
• Commonwealth Exec. Master of Business/ Public Admin

Faculty of Engineering Technology

• Cert. in Industrial Studies
• Bachelor of Industrial Studies
• Bachelor of Technology (Engineering)
• Bachelor of Software Engineering
• Post Graduate Diploma in Technology in Apparel Production and Management
• Postgraduate Diploma in Construction Management
• Postgraduate Diploma in Industrial Engineering
• Master of Technology in Apparel Production and Management
• Master of Technology in Construction Management
• Master of Technology in Industrial Engineering
• Diploma in Information Systems and Technology

Faculty of Health Sciences

• Bachelor of Science Nursing Degree
• B.Pharm.(Bachelor of Pharmacy)
• Bachelor’s Degree in Medical Laboratory Sciences
• BSc Honors in Psychology

Faculty of Natural Sciences

• Foundation Course in Science
• Bachelor of Science
• Bachelor’s Degree in Science/Education
• Msc. in Environmental Science
• B.Sc. Special Degree (Natural Sciences)
• Diploma in Laboratory Technology
• Advanced Certificate in Wildlife Conservation & Management

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