Competitive Research Grants

Competitive Research Grants – (Will be advertised when funds are available)

The Open University of Sri Lanka seeks to conduct and promote research of a multidisciplinary nature to develop the capacity of the academics to engage in high quality research that will produce tangible outcome, which will benefit the nation as well as help policy makers in Sri Lanka. To this end, the OUSL welcomes multidisciplinary research proposals from the academic community of the OUSL in any discipline that cross cut fields to address issues related to its priority areas of research in the field of both natural and social sciences.

These Research Grants are open to the current faculty of the Open University of Sri Lanka. To be competitive, proposals should demonstrate collaboration among different Faculties and Departments of the University. You may obtain matching funds or in-kind resources from collaborators in order to complete the research project with the prior approval of the OUSL. In providing funds, the long-term sustainability may also be considered based on specified project goals.

The application process will start on ……………………….. and close on ………………….. Funding will be approved for one year at a time, but the program is designed to fund projects up to a maximum of 3 years. Extension of grants after the first year will depend on rigorous evaluation of the progress of work of the previous year. The Grants will typically fall within the range of Rs. 500,000/- to 1,000,000/- a year.

Please submit your application for research grants based on the format given herewith to reach the Director/Research, Open University of Sri Lanka, Nawala, Nugegoda at on or before ………………………….

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