General Convocation 2021 (II)
Notice to the Graduands

Dear Graduand

As you are aware, the General Convocation, which was scheduled to be held on   05th, 06th, and 07th July 2022, has been postponed owing to the situation in the country at that time. Accordingly, a graduation ceremony will be arranged in the near future allowing the graduands to attend a ceremonial event.

Considering the number of requests from the graduands to receive the original degree certificate for the migration, and higher educational and professional requirements, the University has arranged for the fulfillment of statutory requirements for awarding the degree. Thus, the graduands may request the originals of their degree certificates from 03rd August 2022 onwards.

In order to receive the degree certificate, a graduand is required to settle all outstanding payments to the University and return the books borrowed from the Library. The Certificate will be handed over only to the graduands. Therefore, you are not expected to send any other person to collect your Certificate. Please bring your National Identity Card and Student Record Book when you are requested to be present at University for this purpose.

You may collect the Certificate from the Examinations Division of OUSL from 03rd August 2022 onwards during the working days (from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.) except for Fridays.

Considering the prevailing transport difficulties, the University has made special arrangements to send the degree certificates by courier upon your request. To receive the degree certificate by courier, you are required to fill and submit the google form which can be downloaded at the given link and pay Rs.400.00 at the collection. 

Kindly note that the Courier Service will hand over the Certificate only to the graduand, and you are expected to present your National Identity Card when collecting the Certificate.

Thank you.

Assistant Registrar/ Examinations
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