Mr. Nalaka Pradeep Kumara

Programme Coordinator of BMS Degree Programme Level 03

Miss H. D. H. C. Dassanayake

Miss H. D. H. C. Dassanayake is a graduate from University of Sri Jayewardenepura with a First Class (Hons) in Operations & Technology Management. She is the highest result holder of Department of Decision sciences and the second highest result holder of Faculty of Management studies & Commerce – 2007/2008 batch. Meantime she is a

Ms. K.A. Sriyani

Academic Qualifications       1999-2002     :     BSc. Degree  in Nursing  (2nd upper- Hon) The Open University, Sri Lanka. 2010- 2011    :    Certificate in Teaching in Higher Education, The Open University of Sri Lanka. 2012 to Date :     Reading for PhD. University of Sri Jayawardenepura. Professional Qualifications : 1992-1995  :     Diploma in Nursing,

Ms. Y.A.S. Samithri

B.Sc (Special degree in Botany / First class honours) – University of  Peradeniya M.Phil – University of Peradeniya. Diploma in HRM (Human Resource Management) and OB (Organizational Behaviour) at American college of higher education, Kandy

Dr. S. Somaratne

At present I am working as a Senior Lecturer in Botany, Department of Botany, The Open University of Sri Lanka. I have obtained B. Sc. Special in Botany from the University of Kelaniaya. Subsequently, Maters in Plant Taxonomy and Doctoral degree in Ecology were received from the Open University. I have contributed number of publications
The Open University of Sri Lanka
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