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Message from Assistant Director

Welcome to the official webpage of OUSL, Ampara Study Centre Our vision is to be the premier Open and Distance Learning institution in the Ampara district, Eastern region which is one of the most diverse districts in Sri Lanka in democratic prospective.

The Ampara Study Center of the Open University of Sri Lanka was established in December 1982, with the intention of fulfilling the higher educational needs of the students who lives in Ampara District. Previously the centre was housed within the Hardy Technical College premises. More students were attracted to the flexible and accommodating Open Distance Learning (ODL) mode of learning. Expansion demanded additional space and freedom. Our own premises became an inevitable fact of our operations. Thus, in the month of October in 2010 we moved into our own premises built according to our requirements. This new location features a well-equipped computer laboratory, 4 spacious Lecture Rooms with multimedia facilities and an Auditorium.

At present, OUSL, Ampara Study Centre is making its unified attempt to improve the functions of the University at all levels, to increase student intake by improving and expanding programmes to make a greater contribution to the development of the region to achieve the objectives of the Vision and Mission of the University. Everyone involved with this study centre is united by a common aspiration to make the center excellence in Distance Education. Our staff members and the visiting academics take untiring efforts to expand the centre activities in the region.

I invite you to discover our web page to find out more about the study centre and if you are looking for a programme to study, I hope that you will be able to find a study programme that is suitable to your forthcoming career.

The Ampara Study Centre (ASC) is presently the only educational institute in the area offering academic programs through the ODL study mode. We cater to over 450 students with programs ranging from Language Studies to Education to Human Resource Management.


(Mrs. Saranyah Lavapirathan)
Assistant Director

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