Academic Staff – Marketing Management

Professor Nalin Abeysekara (Dean / Faculty of Management Studies)

PhD(University of Colombo),MBA (University of Colombo),B. Sc Mkt. (Sp) (USJ),MCIM(UK),Chartered Marketer (UK), MSLIM, MAAT, Dip in CMA

Professor in Management Studies

Dr. Sujeevi Sapukotanage (Head of the Department)
PhD  (USJ), M.Scin Management (USJ), BBA(Sp) (University of Colombo)Senior Lecturer (G II)


Ms. G.A. Jeevani Silva
M.Com (KLN), B.Sc. B.Ad(Sp)(USJ)Lecturer


Ms. A.A.I. Lakmali
B.Sc. Marketing Management (Sp) (USJ), MSc in Management (USJ)Lecturer (Probationary)


Ms. R.H.A.T. Perera
B.Sc. Marketing Management (Sp)(EUSL)Lecturer (Temporary)


Mr. T.H. Rathnayake
B.Sc. Marketing Management (Sp) (USJ)Lecturer (Temporary)


Dr. S.M.D.C.W Senarathne
B.Sc. HRM (Sp) (USJ), MBA (University of Colombo), PhD (WUT), ACMA (UK),  ACA (ICASL), CGMALecturer (On Contact)


Ms. M.A.D.A. Samali
BBA Marketing (Sp.) (Col.), CIM- UK , MBA Reading (Col.)Lecturer (On Contact)


Ms. M. H. D. Samarakoon
BMS (Hons) (OUSL), MBA Reading (UOP)Lecturer (On Contact)


Ms. R.K.M Madurangi
BSc. (Hons) Marketing Management (SUSL)Academic Coordinator

Academic Support Staff

Mr. K.K.W.D. Sampath

BMS (Sp) (Hons) (OUSL)

Project Assistant


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