Academic Staff-CESSD









Prof. Bandunee C. L. Athapattu  / Director
BSc Eng (Moratuwa), MEng (Osaka), PhD (Osaka)

Professor in Environmental Engineering
Tel : +94112881441 (441)
Tel : +94112881423 (423)
E-mail: Interests: Water Resource Management/ Environmental modelling and Management/ Water Supply and Wastewater Engineering/ Solid Waste Management/Air & Noise pollution monitoring and management Climate change

Director of Centre for Environmental Studies and Sustainable
Development (CESSD)/ The Open University of Sri Lanka

Director of Operations Technical Secretariet (OTS)
Accelerating Higher Education Expansion and Development
(AHEAD) Operation, The Open University of Sri Lanka
Ministry of Education, Sri Lanka

Professor in Environmental Engineering
Department of Civil Engineering
Faculty of Engineering Technology


Dr. Yohan Mahagamage
B.Sc.(sp) (Wayamba University, SL), PhD (USJP, SL), M.I.Biol (SL)
Tel :+94112881423 (423)

Research Interests: Water chemistry, Microbiology, Limnology, Ecology, Toxicology, Aquaculture, Waste water treatment, handling of mega data using multivariate techniques and GIS (Geographic Information System) applications


Dr. Chamila Dias
B.Sc.(Hons) (University of Peradeniya, SL), M.Sc. (PGIA, Peradeniya, SL), M.Sc. (TU Dresden, Germany), PhD (TU Dresden, Germany)
Tel :+94112881423 (423)

Research Interests: Crop Physiology, Climate Change, Agricultural Mechanization, Hydrology

The Open University of Sri Lanka
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